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Design, approval and passage of SEE
  • Design, approval and passage of SEE

Design, approval and passage of SEE


The team of EcoTeM LLC, using its own potential and the competence of partner scientific organizations, offers a service in the field of creating intellectual products in the field of protecting the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geological environment and soil, as well as developing and implementing environmental environmental documentation and projects.

Since 2015, the specialists of our organization have successfully developed and implemented 7 projects in the field of applied ecology. In particular, work was carried out related to the provision of support for project documentation when going through the procedure of state environmental expertise.

Our partners in the field of creating intellectual products are educational and scientific information centers:

  • Department of Ecology, Geography and Nature Management, Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla ";
  • Department of Ecology and Nature Management, Southern Federal University;
  • Department of Agrochemistry, Perm State Agrarian - Technological University named after academician. D. N. Pryanishnikov;
  • Institute of Soil Fertility of the South of Russia.

The partners of EcoTeM LLC are many other institutions, where they provide professional training for specialists and managers of organizations and enterprises working in the field of industrial ecology. The teams of partner scientific organizations include high - class specialists: biotechnologists, designers, researchers of the soil mechanics laboratory, the center for analytical research and metrological support of environmental measurements, the laboratory of economics and legal regulation of environmental management.

Disturbed land reclamation project

The disturbed land reclamation project is an environmental document of the established standard, the purpose of which is to restore the fertile soil layer on lands disturbed as a result of human economic activity. Lands disturbed are subject to reclamation:

  • in the development of mineral deposits by open or underground methods, as well as in the extraction of peat;
  • when laying pipelines, carrying out construction, land reclamation, logging, geological exploration, testing, operational, design and exploration and other works related to disturbance of the soil cover;
  • when liquidating industrial, military, civilian and other facilities and structures;
  • during storage and burial of industrial, household and other waste;
  • during the construction, operation and conservation of underground facilities and communications (mine workings, storage facilities, underground, sewage facilities, etc. );
  • when eliminating the consequences of land pollution, if, according to the conditions of their restoration, the removal of the upper fertile soil layer is required;
  • when conducting military exercises outside of specially designated training grounds.

Composition of the Disturbed Land Reclamation Project:

  1. Description of measures aimed at land restoration.
  2. Calculation of material costs for this process, as well as its calendar schedule.
  3. Graphic materials in the form of maps and drawings.
  4. Estimated documentation.
  5. Land reclamation activities included in the project include engineering, mining, forestry, agricultural and other activities that contribute to the restoration of biological productivity and agricultural value of lands disturbed during industrial activities.

The coordinating authorities are the Territorial Administration of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor), the Territorial Administration of the Rosprirodnadzor Department.

Development: from 10 calendar days

Approval: from 30 working days

The legislative framework

  • Government Decree No. 800 of July 10, 2018 "On land reclamation and conservation";
  • Federal Law No. 78 of June 18, 2001 "On Land Management".

Penalties for absence

  • under Art. 8.7. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (Failure to fulfill or untimely fulfillment of obligations for land reclamation) entails the imposition of an administrative fine:
  • for citizens in the amount of 20,000 to 50,000 rubles;
  • for officials - from 50,000 to 100,000 rubles;
  • for legal entities - from 400,000 to 700,000 rubles + an order to eliminate comments, suspension of activities.


Developed and approved Project for reclamation of disturbed lands.

Stages of the Development of the Disturbed Land Reclamation Project

  1. Preparatory work

A sampling of planning and cartographic data is carried out, soil studies are carried out, as well as a field study of the site to be reclaimed, with the participation of representatives of the natural resource user and government agencies on land issues. The boundaries and location of the site on which the reclamation work will be carried out are established.

  1. Exploration work At the second stage, the necessary investigations (environmental, geological, land reclamation, etc. ) are carried out, and information on the project is collected and analyzed.
  2. Development of a project for reclamation of disturbed lands
  3. Coordination of the project of disturbed lands

Upon completion of the design of the Disturbed Land Reclamation Project, its final approval takes place in state authorities, the State Ecological Expertise (if necessary) is carried out.

The final cost, which includes the implementation of work on the preparation of the reclamation project, additional conditions related to the survey, the production work plan, the performance of the work itself, as well as the support of the project documentation in the process of passing the state environmental impact assessment (SEE), are reflected in the contracts after agreement and approval technical specifications.

Information is up-to-date: 06.08.2021

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