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Eko TiM, OOO
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About enterprise Eko TiM, OOO

Scientific and Production Company “ECO Technology and Materials” is a modern company operating in the waste recycling and land reclamation markets both in Russia and the CIS countries and in foreign countries.

Today our Company:

  • manufactures 1 500 tons of concentrated agents for land reclamation and recycling of various wastes, including oil sludge produced in the process of extraction of oil and gas;
  • recycles 60 000 tons of various organic wastes a year;
  • reclaims soil after man-made disasters;
  • improves fertility of soil and crop yield;
  • develops a product which is free of any bacteria and artificially grown microorganisms and contains a humic and fulvic acid complex.

Our Company employs competent specialists with extensive experience in development of operating procedures in the field of environmental protection. We are committed to the Zero Waste concept. We implement the concept at production facilities to minimize environmental pollution.


The solutions we offer have proved to be highly efficient and satisfy our customers’ needs. We are committed to promptly delivering materials and carrying out works however complex these may be at highly competitive prices.



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