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Eco-survey of airports
The company "Eco Tim" offers to carry out a comprehensive ecological and ornithological survey of airfield areas. Our team has all the necessary equipment and software to carry out these works. The survey is carried out to determine the nature of the ornithological situation of the aerodrome and to...
Group: Environmental survey
Design, approval and passage of SEE
The team of EcoTeM LLC, using its own potential and the competence of partner scientific organizations, offers a service in the field of creating intellectual products in the field of protecting the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geological environment and soil, as well as developing and implementing...
Group: Project-design works
Development of technologies for processing organic waste
The development of technologies for the processing and use of organic industrial waste is one of the most difficult environmental problems. There is a network of standards in the world that strictly determine the possibility of processing certain wastes, according to one technology or another,...
Group: Development of the technologies of by-products processing with the extraction of valuable components
R&D in the field of ecology
The work is carried out in collaboration with partners: Department of Ecology, Geography and Nature Management of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla "; Department of Ecology and Nature Management,...
Group: Researchings of Industrial ecology, resource conservation and energy
Restoration of arid and saline soils
Our company has developed several unique technologies of organic farming that can help increase the yield and environmental friendliness of the products, preserve and introduce degraded and arid areas into agricultural circulation.   The main problem in the development of the system of...
Group: Restoring of soil fertility
Soil recovery after technogenic accidents
We have created and successfully apply technologies and preparations with a high content of humic and fulvic acids, capable of suppressing and destroying any organic pollution, as well as the restoration and development of soil aboriginal microorganisms that can cope with the consequences of...
Group: Revegetation of disturbed lands
Reclamation of oil-contaminated and oily soil
The problem of reclamation and processing of oil - contaminated land is solved by its bioconversion into building materials with the receipt of secondary raw materials: soil - soil, material for the reclamation of industrial sites occupied for the construction of field facilities. The activities of...
Group: Liquidation of the consequences of oil spills and oil products spills


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